With paper check accounting for nearly 75% of all non cash transactions in American business today, the ability to accept checks and to process checks is a competitive advantage a business can have over its competitors.

Echeckprocessing provides check processing for all checks accepted at the point of sale. We make it our business to help other merchants accept checks whether retail or online. Are your customers clamoring for more payment options? With our simple and easy to use interface, check processing will be a breeze, encouraging more customers to purchase from you.

There are two types of check processing we offer – E-check processing, and I-check processing.

Electronic check processing.

When you receive a paper check at your retail shop, you can do check processing right then and there. Check processing involves handing the cashier a check, the cashier then scanning it with a device similar to a credit card magnetic strip reader which converts it to an electronic check. Electronic check processing reduces costs associated with traditional checks. It allows you to screen potential risk or fraud at the point of sale before any goods are delivered. Electronic check processing lets you verify account status and identity of your customer at that moment – you don't have to wait days on end for checks to clear. Funds are verified with electronic check processing. You don't even have to go to the bank to claim the funds – it's automatically transferred to your account of choice.


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